It is clear by the first glance, people are spending huge amount of money for buying new apartments or condo. Similarly, if you have a plan to invest some money on the condo then you will never get better option rather than the avenir river valley. Once you made the plan for spending the money then simply fill out the form for register yourself as early bird to buy amazing apartment at this amazing project. If we talk about the site of the Avenir then it will give you all the facilities that people required in daily life. In short, you are going to life a royale lifestyle.

Guard house

Do you know that you will get a guard house in the The Avenir River Valley? If no, then you can easily check out the brochure first and then you will find a guard house in it as well. It is really crucial to pay attention on the security so as far as security concern the project holders are providing the facility of the guard house. At this small house, there would be some guard those will give you chance to stay always free for tension. These guards will stay on duty 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about anything.

Great World MRT

This project will be located at the stone throw distance of upcoming great world MRT and also at the walking distance to the great world city shopping mall. In short, people will ge the facilities like doing shopping and buy other great things at the MRT station so this would be really valuable for the people. In short, you don’t need to go anywhere because you will have shopping mall near to your apartment from where you can do daily shopping with family.